One Punch Homicide credits:

Created by: Steve Kokette

Editing Advice: DW Wanberg and Adam Tyksinski

Technical Consultant: ChessPDH Computer

Host: Nicole Steward

Camera operator for seven interviews and many grave sites/additional questions for seven interviews: Charlie Wise

Voice Work: DW Wanberg

Chief Mechanic: Regg Thibault

Minnesota Driver: Shelley Aslakson

Minnesota inmate: Bradley Lewis

Indiana inmate: Joshua Kati

Massachusetts inmate: Frank Bruso

New York inmate: Sean Sanders

Washington state inmate: Brian Brown

Minnesota woman: Liz Miser

Texas mother: Missy Evans

California mother: Jane Heinen

Wisconsin father: Jim Sustache

Oregon man: Colin Costanzo

Oregon parents: Brad and Carrie Ward

California father: Hector Cademartori

Wisconsin sentencing hearing:

victim's father: Paul Byars

victim's mother: Danelle Eckert

victim's girl friend: Sarah Rangel

inmate: Martin Walker

Special thanks to the states of Washington, Indiana, New York, and Massachusetts for allowing interviews with their inmates.  (None of these states endorses One Punch Homicide, nor were endorsements sought from any of the states.)

Also special thanks to the Sheriff's office of Crow Wing County, Minnesota, for making possible the interview with Bradley Lewis.

Special thanks to Simon Barr of Australia for providing the video of his son's one punch homicide.

And special thanks to Judge Wilbur Warren of Wisconsin for allowing filming of the Martin Walker sentencing hearing.

And thanks to:

Parents of Murdered Children -

King County (WA) District Attorney's office

Racine Journal Times

Kenosha News

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Chronicle Herald (Canada)

Coroner Marlene Lantz

Coroner John Stanley

the regulars at the Hase Loft Bar

Dawn Berby

Virginia Goodwin

Harry Shorstein

Betty Foran (Canada)

Carole Pinches

Sue Spangenberger

Police Officer Jerome Brannagan (Canada)

Pooja Dorward and her web site

Ginette Guerard (Canada)

David Thibault

Carolyn Sanden

Dan Kanera

Kim Wolfe

Alan Lampe,

Neena Glenn

Juanita Martin

Jack Tiffany

Lynn Johnson

Matt and Mary O'Connell

Sammy D Foundation (Australia)

Mary Waitrovich

Ellen Melyon

Bev Cox

Rogue Ale Brewery

Video Industrial Products

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