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Sign and ABCs, which you can watch here for $4.90, was made primarily for hearing kids. It's 50 minutes, and the DVD is Closed Captioned.

The Chicago Tribune gave Sign and ABCs four stars, their highest rating. The Los Angles Times wrote: "From Steve Kokette, creator of the engaging Sign Songs video, this playful, well-produced introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) is enjoyable for anyone...With the help of a raft of kids and two highly professional actors who take center stage, acting out word skits to bring the lessons to life: Antoinette Abbamonte...and John Kinstler." (Abbamonte and Kinstler are both deaf. He was with the National Theatre of the Deaf, and she can be seen as a neighbor to the couple in the TV sitcom The New Normal.) Skipping Stones, a childrens' magazine, named Sign and ABCs one of the two best kids' videos of 1998.

It teaches the written, spoken, and American Sign Language (ASL) alphabets, signs for 88 words, and offers an introduction to a new game - finger spelling. It also has two sign songs. Kids and adults will enjoy DOING this video - alone and together.

ASL is used only in the U.S. and Canada. Other nations use one or more of the more than 100 sign languages in the world. Therefore, only Canadians and Americans should purchase it. It's 14.00 on DVD, including shipping and handling, for Americans:

and $18.00 US on DVD, including shipping and handling, for Canadians: 

Thank you so much for the Sign and ABCs video! It's great. The students and I really enjoyed it. Barb Rieger, Chicago teacher

My son is very fond of Sign and ABCs and has learned more from it than others we have tried. Lenore Cox, Washington

My son just turned 2 and 1/2 and has Sign and ABCs memorized perfect...It is amazing I can get messages to him in a crowded room (loud) of children without losing my voice. Nancy Rolfe, Ohio

Watch Sign and ABCs here for $4.90  {Temporarily unavailable.}