The U.S. and most nations have a significant number of people who have been maimed for life by punches. In the U.S. and many nations, many of these people are supported by government aid, but all of them are less productive than they might have been if punches hadn't altered their lives. 
Some Australian states have passed laws to discourage punching incidents, which would reduce the number of those who are killed or maimed for life, and the amount of money governments spend to support punch victims. (It would also reduce the amount of money spent on health care.) 
U.S. states and other nations should pass laws that would demand that anyone found guilty of killing another with one punch would do a minimum amount of time in prison - at least one or two years. Knowing the existence of such a law could discourage many from throwing that first punch. 
Such laws would also reduce the number of loved ones left behind after one punch homicides and maimings. Loved ones left behind are often devastated twice by these incidents - first when they happen, and then again when the perpetrator gets off with a slap on the wrist. 
Contact your governor and state legislative representatives and ask them to pass one punch homicide laws to reduce punching incidents. Also, send an email to me at saying you'd like to see one punch homicide laws in your state. Place the term "one punch homicide law" in the subject box of your email. It's possible they may be sent to public officials in your state at some point. 
Many public officials may be skeptical of the need for a one punch homicide law, so you should try to convince them of its value. Mention how the United Nations' World Health Organization claims every year billions of dollars are spent worldwide on injuries related to punching incidents. Encourage them to visit this web site and check out the list of more than 200 one punch homicides. Encourage them to watch One Punch Homicide on this web site for $1.00, or by getting it on DVD from their public library, or buying it on DVD from this site. If you know someone or some people who were injured or killed from punches, mention them. Point out how such a law would reduce government expenditures. Also point out that passing such a law won't anger any of their constituents.